March 1, 2011

Design Thinking and Scrum on a Napkin

Jens had just finished a design thinking workshop at the HPI in Potsdam when we met for lunch. Together we created a drawing of how design thinking and Scrum would help a team not only to build a product efficiently but also to build the right thing.

The idea is quite simple: use the methods of design thinking - that little spiral in the left middle of the napkin -  within the sprints and with the Scrum team. Emphasized(!) this since it is easy to misread this drawing as a waterfall where you do first some design thinking and then Scrum to execute the design idea. While the level of knowledge is still low illustrated by the uncertainty cone - the two coned lines - you probably will spend more time applying design thinking methods to gather more knowledge of the problem then when you know more about what to build and how.

Highly recommended for great dumplings:

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